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The French In Depth Part 2 Advance Variation

The French In Depth Part 2 Advance Variation

Nov 4, 2015, 5:10 PM 0

The second french we will be looking at is the Advance Variation. It starts out 1.E4 E6 2.D4 D5 3.E5. The point of the pawn push by white is to gain space in the center. Here is a diagram below.

The Advance is probably the least complex and has the least theory of any of the Variations except for the exchange obviously. After white pushes his pawn black will make an immediate c5 break. This will normally be followed by both players bringing their Knights into play and black will have the option of putting his Queen on b6 or to move his bishop to d7.

 Putting the Queen on b6 can torch many players that are inexperienced against the French that is why I prefer playing it instead of the more passive move of putting the Bishop on d7. After the Queen is put on b6 there are a couple main ways to play.The main options are for white to play a6, or to enter the Milner-Barry gambit (my personal favorite). Also possible is other moves like 6. Be2 Na3 and maybe even Nbd2.



Weird gambit

Here is a somewhat recent game that I played in the Milner-Barry gambit against a much higher rated opponent. I played as White.

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