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The French In Depth(Key Concepts)

The French In Depth(Key Concepts)

Oct 2, 2015, 3:18 PM 2

Before I show the main Variations of the French you should get farmiliar with the concepts of all of them. Common concepts in the french for Black include making a C5 break to gain space, playing F6 to try to exchange white's E pawn, trying to trade his weak Light Squared Bishop, manuevering the Knight from E7 to F5(a useful outpost), occasionally putting the Queen on B6 or C7, and either having the option of castling queenside or kingside. Key concepts for White are pushing his E pawn at some point to gain center control, occasionally pushing his F pawn, trying to take advantage of Black's LSB, and trying to castle kingside. I will show mock games in the Milner-Barry Gambit and the Winawer that include all of these concepts below.

Now that you are aquainted with the key concept's try to find the standard moves of Variations in the French below while keeping them in mind.

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