UT Arlington Open

UT Arlington Open

Sep 5, 2015, 5:36 PM |

This past weekend I played a 4-round open tournament at the University of Texas at Arlington. I finished 2-2 which was not good enough to place but did have an impressive win in my opinion. I will show each game which I annotated below.

Round 1 Me vs David

I am off to a good start so far and beat a player rated about 150 points higher than my official rating without too much difficulty(I am really about 1200 though). Now to the next round, be ready for a good game.

Round 2 Me vs. Charles

I am off to a REALLY good start now beating a player that was almost double my official rating. Now for round 3.

Round 3 Me vs. James

A close game but unfortunately my first loss of the day, I think I still played fairly well however considering his rating compared to mine. After a quick break(because that game was one of the longest of round 3) it is time for round 4. I am paired up with the 2nd highest rated player in the tournament... let's see how this goes.
Me vs. Trifelino

Another loss to end the tournament but an expected one against a highly rated player(more than double mine!). My overall record for the day was 2-2 and although I lost the last 2 rounds I played very well and beat a 1700 rated player.