Best way to relieve stress

Jul 2, 2014, 9:02 AM |

I take seriously only 15|10 games (my best rating there was close to 1700), but occasionally play 2|1. Recently I watched a fun video on youtube and tried to repeat great wisdom hidden in that video in my own games. Here are some succesfull examples (all games are 2|1, rating varies from 1050 to 1250):

Game 1. Theme - Use your king to loore the big pieces out.

Opponent disconnected after loosing a Queen (in video I mentioned some guy also lost queen the same way).

Game 2. Theme: Rook fiancetto. Plan: Dominate those black squares!

Game 3 Theme: Great wall of China. Here I won on time because of a huge time advantage which I've got while my opponent was in a state of deep trance watching my superior moves.


Also there were other 4 games. One was a draw, three I lost. If you try to repeat this at home, remember - result actually doesn't matter, you should be doing this for fun. Although I noticed that your opponents who take their games seriously may not appreciate such way of relaxing from your side, especially if you win. I was called 'noob' by one guy and another one told me 'I'm going f*** you , nigg*r' (his version was without asterisks). Both lost their games. 

And finally the great inspirational video from which I've got the idea: