Advancement and Acknowledgement

Apr 5, 2008, 12:33 AM |

So, we have all played those few friendly games of chess on the net where we sit around and have short games during our lunch breaks or weekend's at home, but then we inevetably want to take things just a little bit further.

 Some of us have tried playing in small tournaments or trying to take on a tough player but where do we go from there?  Eventually the tournaments seem to take to long with not enough action and the tough players just aren't as pleasing to play against.

Iv'e attempted to get recognized with this blog and a few forum postings but where to we go from there. Then I saw a feature called "Online groups".    My heart lept.   Could this be a chance to join a well known team online, make friends and influence

But so far, the teams just don't want to talk back to me. Should I leave  Should I stop playing chess and take up cricket.

  Then I finally found another possibility.

Becoming a Greeter!  I could give other people a helping hand at getting through those tough early stages of membership and I could hopwfully get recognized while doing it.   

So now I'm just saying hello to people over a quick cup of Chess.