Carelessness and Craftiness

Jun 20, 2008, 11:16 AM |

In my recent experiances on, I have been hounded by numerous request to join tournements and play against various unknown members who claim to be begginers.  No sooner have I done this than all of a sudden I am playing a person who plays like Kasparov and my rating drops sharply.

The tournaments we enter become rigged with one or two players being seemingly perfect and the rest of the players being ridiculed and humiliated.

I have noticed that many good players deliberatly lose games in order to drop their rating enough so that they can enter tournaments and then gain tournament points.  I begin to wonder what the point is of entering tournaments if there is no method of controlling who cannot enter.  I cannot belive that there is no method of blocking, banning or "kicking" certain players from entering tournaments.

 I would appreciate any comments on how to do this.