Jul 19, 2011, 3:10 AM |

To resign or not to resign? That is the question.

Do games always have to come right down to the end? Even in quiet desparation it appears that some players will just keep hanging on to their pitiful state right down to the move that will deliver checkmate, and then they'll resign! Should I feel insulted when this happens or how should I react when a game goes on an additional 20+ moves when the game should have been called long time ago. I have even had silly  thoughts that just to teach a lesson, I'll convert all my pawns to Queens (maybe around 63 points on the board worth of Queens) and then deliver the final blow. But I'm afraid the one time I did that I would get myself a stalemate and then fingers would point at me saying, "See? I knew if I lingered long enough I could squeak out a stalemate!" But seriously, at higher playing levels, are stalemates really common enough to hang on by your fingernails just hoping...I think not!

So back to the question. To resign or not?