An old poem of mine

Jul 2, 2008, 9:30 PM |

  I had previously posted this in a poetry contest and in my COT club. Any comments would be appreciated good or bad.                          



                               SQUARE DANCE

To the middle I march my men

taking utmost care in placing them 

thoughtful planning to avoid any weakness

Apply the maxim "Good offense is the best defense"

Always keeping a careful eye

on the thoughts put out by the other guy

destructive plans are in the midst

and receiving a strange comfort in this

attack, defend, attack again

always aiming for just the right blend

becoming aware of a plotted ambush

variations so complex brains turning to mush

the sweat pours and my fist tightens

suddenly it dawns on me and my day brightens

I look up at my opponent with a sly grin

I can sac my queen for the win

sorry to inform you but Caissa has chosen me today 

and after seeing my move he chose not to play

Instead he tipped his King and got up, shook my hand

and said "Young sir, this dance with you sure was grand"