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If you want to know more about chess than just 1.e4 e5- Come on more

If you want to know more about chess than just 1.e4 e5- Come on more

Jan 4, 2017, 2:57 PM 0

It is about 5,000 years old, the oldest and most popular one in the World Chess game. It is the most common version of the story set in India, Gupta Empire period ..

The third world champion Jose Raul kapablankam started playing chess at the age of 4, after he saw his father for 3 hours to dastskeroda table, the small "khositos" interested in what it was doing ....
5949 is the longest in the theoretical possibility of a move (in the party then you can quietly quit chess .. If You lost more)
Most of the time spent in one go by the player, is 2 hours and 20 minutes
Iran is the only country in the world where chess was banned for a certain period. Ayatollah Khomeini (the food is, the name of the founder of the Republic of Iran) said that chess can damage memory and can cause brain damage. But today everything is all right in the ****** (trimming)
Benjamin Franklin (the car is) a big fan of chess and he wrote "Chess morality" in 1750
The figure has now Queen (Queen) is called, the original version was called the king's adviser, he changed the name of a queen-Europeans. The 1400-ies became the most powerful figure in the chess board. (Not least of which is to come to the word "Queen" I have no idea)
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