My Attempt In Poetry..really weird this coming from me ^_^

Oct 26, 2009, 7:23 AM |

I shed my tears over and over again for the same person

And I don’t even know the reasons

Deep inside my heart I’m screaming

“Girl, get over him!”

But he has already left his mark.


My brain will not work, my heart will skip

Whenever he pops into my head and does his tricks

My mind would yell, “Go away!”

But my heart would beg “No, I need you. Please stay.”


I don’t find the stars pretty anymore

I can’t see it shines like it used to

I can’t torment myself anymore

I persuaded myself “Believe it, Girl. It’s through.”


So at night I would pray

That soon his face would fade away

So maybe I don’t have to fight

To get some sleep tonight.


I feel weird... There's a lot of grammar problems there though... and I think it doesn't makes sense.....0_0