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gmjoey1's Most Insanely Attacking Game (Sicilian Alapin-1993)

gmjoey1's Most Insanely Attacking Game (Sicilian Alapin-1993)

Jun 11, 2015, 5:24 AM 8

gmjoey1 (GM Rogelio Antonio) is one of the best attackers of chess history if not the best!

In live chess arena you probably see him playing Sicilian-Alapin with white pieces whenever possible. If Morphy or Tal had seen this game, they would watch jaw-dropped. 

This is one of the tactically richest game you'll ever see. You can compose tens of puzzles from this games variations. If you have hard time to move around variations, there is a button at bottom-left corner of the board, you can copy pgn to your viewer.


I'm continuing to study joey's games. If I encounter such a game full of beautiful combinations, I'll share detailed analysis of them here. Have a nice day guys!

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