Moments of Norway Chess 2015

Moments of Norway Chess 2015

Jun 25, 2015, 12:46 PM |

GM Veselin Topalov (6,5/9 points) became the winner of the first leg of The Grand Chess Tour with a little help from Norwegian hosts WCC GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Jon Ludvig Hammer. Carlsen lost his game in a winning position because of his unawareness of the time control, Hammer lost a totally drawn endgame with 1 silly blunder after 6,5 hours of play.

For Norway Blitz 2015 moments in puzzle format click here.

There was a missed brilliancy in Carlsen vs. Giri game which I analysed detailedly a few days ago in my blog. 

Now let's look at the other exciting moves:

Giri vs. Grischuk Development Gone Wrong

Caruana vs. Carlsen Cracked Berlin Wall

Nakamura vs. Caruana Rook Endgame 101

Topalov vs. Aronian No Need to Prevent Promotion

Anand vs. Carlsen Breyer Defense Fail

Anand vs. Vachier-Lagrave Bxh6

Also we should not forget: 

  • Vachier-Lagrave vs. Aronian, Queen and Pawn endgame, 1-0
  • Carlsen vs. Giri, f-g-h Pawns vs. Knight, ½-½ 
  • Aronian vs. Caruana, Knight and Pawn endgame, 1-0
  • Hammer vs. Carlsen, fight against eternal rival, 1-0
See you around fellow chessassins!