My Games #15: Optimism Almost Killed the Cat

My Games #15: Optimism Almost Killed the Cat


Greetings my fellow chessassins,

This is a terrible 3|2 blitz game where I planned awesome looking ideas and didn't really look at my opponent's threats, and eventually checkmated him with stunning tactics. Yeah, that is what happens at 1600-1700 level. Now I'll let you dive into my thought process and finish the game by solving puzzles.

How to punish this mistake? By taking his good bishop right away or...?


Mate in 9!! which I could not find, but my dear friend did.


My continuation which goes perfectly by the creed but not the quickest:

Checkmating with lesser piece is true, sacrificing queen is permitted. 

Did you notice where I missed (-truth hurts, let's call it-chose not to play Tongue Out) quicker checkmates?



I think I learnt my lesson. But that doesn't mean I won't do it again. Actually I'll probably do it everyday on a journey to 2000 level. Ok, enough with my game. Tomorrow GM Peter Svidler and GM Sergey Karjakin are playing the first game of the World Cup final match. Also GM Hikaru Nakamura plays online blitz and bullet here in this days. Lots of good chess in the air.

See you soon.