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My Games #16: Goku vs. Me!

My Games #16: Goku vs. Me!

Nov 16, 2015, 4:03 AM 7

I was searching for 3+2 unrated to get a strong player opposition. Then he came with 2215 rating and a profile picture of Goku (from the anime Dragon Ball, oh cmoon you gotta know that). I lost the first game on time and he accepted my rematch offer. With the h-pawn attack and a little bit luck I won the endgame. He understandably didn't accept my next rematch offer, flew to other galaxies to fight super villians.  

I hope I can beat 5 more strong guys and complete my rainbow icons on My Games series.

Enjoy and repeat the basic ideas like when can you go into a fork, and rook endgame principles. And remember to use your h-pawn against fiachetto setups!

  • h-pawn can take g-pawn and open up your rook,
  • can disturb the bishop, 
  • if the knight takes it you can sacrifice the exchange with RxN to mess up with the structre, 
  • and when it climb all the way up like in my game here, you can execute a back rank checkmate


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