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My Games #23: Crazy Tactics

My Games #23: Crazy Tactics

Aug 28, 2016, 6:11 AM 6

Hi chess people! I'll show you how to hunt kings today from my 3+2 blitz games. The first example is one of my most accurate games, played against a fellow derp. Attacking themes of this game are: catching the king in the middle by sacrificing material, deflection, opening up lines with a sacrifice.


Now another game, which looks crazy but actually totally lost via a flatout piece blunder by me. However, there are usually tactical resources. Maybe you just need to blunder?! the second piece.

Finding defensive moves are more difficult. Even much higher rated opponents break with the pressure sometimes. This game includes the ideas: luring a piece and attacking a castled king. But be careful: don't sac Nxg5 (against ...h6 ...g5 bishop chase) always since you need to open up position for your pieces, not for your opponent's pieces.


You gotta checkmate. Don't put yourself and your opponent into sleep. Wild chess is definitely more fun. Stay sharp!

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