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FK vs Orange, RT ladder

FK vs Orange, RT ladder

May 27, 2015, 2:38 PM 2


Turkey LD has never been a strong template of mine, so I suppose it makes sense that my first loss on this blog should be this template ;)

My picks, in comparison; I will refer to them by number: Ironically, I had considered placing Orange's first pick (my second) as #1, but had reconsidered thinking that the double border from picks 2, 3 would be more powerful. Unfortunately for me though, I lost fourth pick and got third and fifth. In retrospect this was obviously a dumb position to be in, as third is completely useless (2 is an effective counter) and 5th is only useful long-term, and this game is going to be over in a few moves. 

With Orange stealing 2nd and 4th picks, we reach this position: 

I do not know about his second pick, but I know I'm lost by this point. With no effective way to counter Orange's first pick, and him threatening to take his third even if I do counter his first, the game was decided on picks. 

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