My chess "adventures" (Part 2)

Nov 20, 2013, 5:15 AM |

Hello inhabitants of earth, other universe, and beyond ! It's been a while since my last post, as always complacency been a good issue for all of us. I finally find the will to write the games I had played, after I finished highschool and ventured into the unknown !


So, after I graduate, I went to Sydney, Australia to study cooking. (weird huh ? I worked so hard learning chemistry, biology, physics, and math just to choose this.) Still, during my stay there, I found it was busy as it was exhilarating (if you count the blisters and uncountable cuts I've got, I think it was worth it.)

So while I was there I didn't find any way to play chess, as there were no old guys playing chess on the side of the street ! So fast forward a few months later, I went back to Indonesia for summer, and finally, went to a tournament ! I didn't do very well (obviously as there were a lot of masters) and somehow managed to score 5.5 out of 9 , with 2 wins + 3 defaults , 3 losses, and a draw against a friend of mine. I was much superior in the opening, winning a piece as he played his pet line (e4 e5 Nf3 f5?!) but somewhat later, I erred and allowed an ending of R+N vs R. I was in time trouble and finally forced to offer a draw. All in all, I felt pretty bad, because I didn't earn 1/2 of the wins, and I presume my skill was still pretty bad.


So, after I came back to Aussie, I found that I had some free time on wednesday night. So I tried to find a chess club, in which I did find one ! It was the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club (thanks google) , and when I got there, I saw one guy (which I learn was the president I think) and ask me if I want a game. I did, and having white played this guy who looked somewhat weird (that was my impression back then.), to my suprise I lost quite easily, and later I found out he was around 1950 (figures). One day, a guy told me about the SIO (Sydney International Open) and its side event SIC. I thought, well why not, I should try getting into that tournament, eventhough it costs a lot ! I actually had put my game of that tournament (here for round 1 >> and here is for round 9 >> )

So, after that tournament, a huge event (for me) came up, it was the NSW rapid. I found out after the SIC that my rating was 1484, which is quite suprising for me, as I thought I did well drawing against 2 1600s and winning against 2 1500s. Well anyway, I went to Parramatta RSL, which was the venue, and there was a lot of player that I never really knew. The only player I could take note was a master by the name of Vladimir Smirnov and his son. Why I remember ? Because I was watching him playing some 5 minute chess against some 1900 after the SIO finished, and the 1900 said if the master could win 10 games straight, he would give the master a bottle of champaigne! Until now I didn't know if the master did get it or not.

So here are some the games I played in the tournament, the noted ones are the first round and the first time I played against a master OTB. 





All in all, I only got 3.5 / 7, which is okay, considering how I played in the previous rounds, I certainly need a lot of homework to do ! :D