My chess "adventures" (Part 3)

Apr 21, 2014, 5:29 AM |

Hello netizen ! after all this time I finally decided to continue on my chess adventures, which I took WAYYYYY too long to continue Yell


But anyhow, let's going into the action ! After the rapids in part 2 I still had college and try to squeeze in some chess and part-time work ! Tongue Out Then I found this tournament, St. George Leagues Chess Open, which is located somewhere in southern Sydney. I was still below 1500, so I decided to give it a go.


On the first round, I played with white against an old man rated 2086 (!) and to be honest, that's the highest rated one I've faced in standard play (not rapid ones). This is how the game goes.

This game was one of the last few games to finish, which made me really tired as I thought I was worse the whole game trying to salvage a draw (which could be taken if I knew how) but I didn't know how back then. When the second round pairing came out, I was suprised that I faced the same opponent on the SIC ! 

I was playing the same old lady here. Needless to say, I was going all out for a win this time, because I felt like the previous time we met, I will be very careful playing against her ! Tongue Out


I was scared at that second game, to be honest, if it was me now, I would've finished it to the very end Frown.

The next round, I was playing an Indonesian player (!) which is unrated. He was playing good chess, but did some mistakes and allowed me to win some stuff.. Did I win ?


I was really upset with myself due to the fact that I missed two winning chances in two games against people who I thought were lower rated ! Now I had to play the final game for the day in not the best mindset I had. Turns out I was playing against a friend of mine in the same chess club. How did it go ?


I was psychologically upset and physically tired after such events happened. 1,5 points out of 4 is not a good start at all (+0 -1 =3 ) and when I got home, I just ate and go straight to bed (not even bothering to check the games as I was too tired !).


That's it for now though, I'll promise to finish the next part before wednesday ! Tongue Out Foot in Mouth Feedbacks and comments appreciated !