Internship and interesting tournaments in Uncle Sam's Country Part 2: Playing with & against your op

Feb 13, 2018, 11:39 PM |

Hello, chess netizens! Pardon me for my late postings, but I will continue my analysis of the next 2 rounds in the Philly Open U1600 that I play years ago. After the first round match (which finishes after 11pm), I decided to join my friends and grab something to eat (which is a must since I was starving especially after such a long grind against an A-class player!). The next day, the tournament starts again, and this time, I was paired with a 1470 rated player. Seeing from the name (which you will see in the game provided below), I thought it will be a guy. Imagine my surprise when I saw the one who came to my table was a girl, in her teens. So far, I only had a draw when playing against younger girls, and 2/3 against older women in classical time control. Therefore, I thought that this game would be a good experience. In my mind, I also say to myself to not underestimate lower rated players (since I have lost a number of games because of that in the past) and to play solidly while looking for opportunities to strike back (since now I play black, again.) The games are shown below.


It felt pretty good to win again using the same opening, and since I had some time to spare, I decided to analyze the game a bit with her (she knew I played the alekhine, but not knowing the variations that arise), then I watch some master games before I went for lunch. When I came back for the 3rd round, I saw that I was playing white this time (finally!). Imagine to my surprise that... what he did in the opening. No, the player is a guy this time tongue.png, but what I mean was... he played the same opening as black as I do! It was the first time in any tournament that someone tried to play the alekhine, the opening that I used so many times, and I had to play against that opening! The games are presented below.
Well, that's 2 games. After the game, we analyzed the variations and my hunch was correct where he didn't know the opening well, and Alekhine was that one opening where you need to know the right reply at the right moment or you'll get crushed (I have experienced that as black before). In the end, it was quite interesting to see play from the white side as well. happy.png
Anyways, the next 2 would also be filled with interesting stories and plays. Stay tuned!