My chess "adventures" (Part 4) - My first Class Tournament win

Apr 22, 2014, 6:38 AM |

Hello netizen ! If you had read part 3 then you'll find it a bit weird seeing this post. With 1,5 out of 4, how could I win anything ?

Well, for the next round, I decided I wasn't going to make it for the early one and took a half-point bye. I had thought that not having enough time to rest and kept on playing would have made me incapable of maintaining my play until the final round.


When I came for round 6, I was suprised that my friend (who I faced in round 4) got a point due to his opponent didn't show up ! Lucky man ! Smile I also find out that there are prizes for each class (I think U1600, U1400, and U1200. It's been 3 years ago, I had forgotten). So, I had to play for a win in the next one. I was black (again!) against a young kid. I forgot his rating but the game went on like this :



After this game, I realised that the chances of me winning the prize for U1600 was very real indeed ! I started feeling nervous and was very anxious to see which opponent I will get. For the final round, I was white, paired against a guy around 1500. I didn't have much good records with white, but heck, here it goes !

When I finish the game, I felt very delighted. Not only I've won the game, but it turns out I got shared 1st place for U1600 (for scoring 4 out of 7 !)

My old opponent from round 1 also won a prize, along with my opponents in round 2 (the old lady !) and round 4 (he won 1st in his class !) The winner of the open section goes to a Fide Master (forgot his name, eventhough I lived near his place back then ! Tongue Out) Anton (who is now a FM himself) was leading up to the penultimate round before losing in the last one. It was amazing performance for his age !


Anyhow, that's it for today. I will continue the next tournament in another time slot. Now... I have to focus for one ! :D