My chess "adventures" (Part 5) - New Tournament, new challenges, new memories.

Jan 31, 2015, 1:59 AM |

Hello to chess netizens!

A new year, which means I have to try and follow the new year resolutions (which means kept analyzing old games I used to play in tournaments!)


Without any more waiting, I present you another memorable tournament for me. This tournament was played 4 years ago, at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club in Sydney 2011. First round opponent I got was 2000+ rated (I think, which is the highest rated opponent I got OTB so far). This is the game produced below.

Now, I got the next round against a lower-rated player (around 1200 rating I think). As I thought (back then) I was not concentrating enough as I need to play even more seriously. The next game showed what happened.
0/2 was never good. Unfortunately, I had to go home to take a rest as I felt devastated. I told the TD that I wanted to take a one round bye, which gave me 1/2 point (0.5 of 3).
The next day, I felt better but it wasn't without it's close call. I woke up a bit late and as the round started quite early, I realised I would be late. With a friend of mine which are also late, both of us made it into the game 22 minutes late! (If we are late by 30 minutes, the game would be forfeited!) I was playing another lower rated player in this round, and I knew this time I must play seriously! The game is presented below.
This gave me a better mood going into the next round. In this round I was playing a player which is slightly higher rated than me (around 1600 at the time I think). The game was (and still until now) one of my most favourite game I have ever played where I had to sacrifice a piece for an attack. The game are represented below.
For a note to anyone, it needs to be known that Arif had gone off and won the Sydney International Challenger in 2013 and achieved joint 2nd place in the same event in 2014! But that is for another time... The result had brought me to 2.5/5, where the last 2 rounds will be posted tomorrow!
I mixed my analysis, then checked it with the engine. I fixed what I could, but I realised I wouldn't be able to went very deep in analysis if I didn't realise what was going on. If I didn't have good analysis, Sorry! 
CMIIW (Correct Me If I am Wrong)