SIC 2011 Round 1 and 2 : First day

May 2, 2011, 7:11 AM |
Hello guys, I just want to share 2 games from my first chess international tournament ever !! 
It was very challenging for me, as where I come from, I play fast, and do not think much, but now, I feel I could find resources, lessons, peoples, and principles that really worked well, and with this tournament, I learned A LOT.
Well, let's start round 1 !!
I played against old guy with rating above 1500 (I think), the game was ok at first, then I win a pawn, then another, then a piece, then the game :)


Now, for round 2...

The guy I played against was a friend of the guy I beat in round 1. This guy was around 1500 rated, and I think at the end of tournament, win a prize. And this game, did not go so well like the first one. I trapped my bishop and in a desperate attack, failed and lost :)









So, 1 win and 1 loss for 1st day.. Not bad for me, learnt a  lesson : think longer and do be careful ! I was to eager to queen my pawn, and lost that one. I only realised he was the better one after late in game, and lost.