SIC 2011 Round 3 and 4 : 2nd day

May 2, 2011, 7:48 AM |

Hello again,

In 2nd day, My parents go back to Indonesia, which makes me quite sad, and that's not good because I need to win now with black and not very emotionally stable, but still have to play against old guy again (forget the rating, I think it's 1400-1500).


I was ok until the endgame, my pieces tangled up, and I was losing actually after blunder, but suddenly he offered a DRAW !! and I accepted it. After the game, then he realised he was winning. Lucky me Laughing


In the 4th round, I had work today and asking the organiser if I could play early, sadly I could not Cry. I had to call work and "beg" so I can come LATE.

Suprisingly, my boss allowed it, on one condition, with me to win. Not easy task where I was to play a girl, who got forfeited because coming late (1500 rated I think) and I know both of us want to win badly. In the game, I was losing in middlegame, but somehow survived and stayed until endgame, where I was a pawn up, but she managed a draw, and after that, GO TO WORK !!!



So, 1 win 1 loss and 2 draws which give me 2 out of 4, which is not bad, but I learned a lesson, NEVER GIVE UP !!! and turns out, Boss's sayings motivates me to go on, and it did. My opponent blunders , but she saved a draw.


Any comments or feedbacks on the games will be beneficial to me and everyone reading this. Thanks Laughing