SIC 2011 Round 5 and 6 : 3rd day

May 2, 2011, 8:21 AM |

Hello again, now it is 3rd day.

I made this blog so I can share games with everyone, which I have not done during the tournament because of some reasons, so I posted this now.


Ok, the 5th round, I was up against a guy with 1600 (!) plus I think. I played poorly in opening, lose a knight for 2 pawns, played a very close endgame with pawn vs. bishop and pawn, his pawn queens first, I offered draw, but he declines. Near the end he blunders and suddenly I was winning, he quickly offer me a draw, which I kindly accepts. Tongue out



Now the 6th Round, I was again playing 1600 plus rated, which is strong I think because the last game reflected that, but this game I played a quick draw, which I do not know I was winning, losing, or it will be drawn. Someone please tell me, am I winning, losing, or will be draw at final position ?
Ok, after 6 rounds, I got 1 win 1 loss and 4 draws. Which is ok for me but not good for score, which 3 out of 6. If I want to win, I have to act tomorrow that what I was thinking because I took day off from work to play here.
Who would ever thought my thinking of that would give such turbulence to my last 3 games ? 
Again, feedbacks and comments are appreciated thanks Laughing