SIC 2011 Round 7 and 8 : 4th Day

May 2, 2011, 9:15 AM |

Hello guys, if you have reading until here, congrats because here the action starts !!

I was in pressure to win, because I was 3 of 6 and leader was 4 or 5, and I have to win as black. I was happy because my opponent was 1100 rated, but in the end, I DID NOT ACCEPT HIS DRAW OFFER and played on, which resulted in inaccuracies, and LOST the game. I learned a lesson there, never underestimate the opponent !!!






Now I was in shock, now I have to recover from loss and played another game. I was thinking, should I just draw and save it ? Or should I play on ? With white, I tried to play on, and made HUGE blunder in opening, but some how wins the game. Interested ? See the game. I was playing an old lady 1300 plus rated, she had so many chances of win, but she made many inaccuracies, and finally I won the endgame and checkmated her at the 101th move !!! Laughing

The ultimate lesson I learn from this game ? NEVER EVER, EVER GIVE UP !!!


This game was definitely the BEST COMEBACK GAME I have ever played !!!

I really learned a lot from this game, not to be greedy, and be wary of old ladys, they are full of tactics and traps, but in the end, I won Wink

So my score so far : 2 wins 2 losses and 4 draws (4 out of 9), which winning first place are out, so I tried my best to win tomorrow !

Comments and feedbacks are essential for this 2 rounds.

Thanks Laughing