Tournament of the Engines

Tournament of the Engines

Jun 29, 2015, 4:59 PM |

This is my first blog, and will probably be pretty boring, but to all those who are still reading...

I have started a tournament in Lucas chess with its 34 default chess engines, and in this tournament each side gets 120 minutes. As my computer spends days going through the games I will update as all of the games progress. The engines are Alaric 707, Amyan 1.62, Bikjump 2.01, Cheng 4, Chispa 4, Cinnamon 1.2b, Clarabit 1.00, Critter 1.6a, Cyrano 06B17, Daydreamer 1.75, Discocheck 5.2, Fruit 2.3.1, Gaia 3.5, Garbochess 2.20, Gaviota 1.0, Glaurung 2.2, Godel 3.4.9, Greko 12, Hamsters 0.5, Komodo 5.1r2, Lime v 66, Pawny 0.3.1, Rhetoric 1.4.1, Roce 0.0390, Rocinante 2.0, Rodent 1.6, Rybka 2.3.2a, Simplex 0.9.8, Stockfish 6, Tarrasch Toy Engine Beta V0.905, Texel 1.05, Toga deepTogaNPS 1.9.6, Ufim 8.02, and Umko 0.7. These engines have all been set to their defaults and the tournament started. All of the engines who get at least 1/2 a point in the first round will go on to the next.

The first game to go down was the Alaric 707 vs Amyan 1.62

The next game was between Bikjump 2.01 and Cheng 4. I don't really know what happened in this game, but Cheng 4 is a much stronger engine and would have won any ways.
This game was between Chispa 4 and Cinnamon 1.2b. This was probably the most evenly match game so far with 68 moves to stalemate.
The next game was between Clarabit 1.00 and Critter 1.6a. Clarabit resigned 24 moves into the game, apparently seeing no way it could win.
The next game was between Cyrano 06B17 and Daydreamer 1.75. This was once again a very close game that ended in a draw after 78 moves and 5 minutes left on either side.
The next game was between Discocheck 5.2 and Fruit 2.3.1.This was once again a very close game that ended in a draw after 123 moves.
I always think it is interesting how some of these engine don't even try and just give up when the lose material. In this game Garbochess 2.20 just gave up to Gaia 3.5 27 moves into the game.

This next game was the longest at 197 moves, but it was cool because it was the first actual checkmate so far. 
Gaviota 1.0 vs Glaurung 2.2.
Now that we are back on track after getting rid of Godel 3.4.9. I was able to continue with the game between Greko 12 and Hamsters 0.5. Greko 12 probably should have won this game but it turned out to be a draw.

The next game for today was 
Komodo 5.1r2 vs Lime v 66. Komodo won this game, which isn't to much of a suprise to me because Komodo is the most likely the 2nd strongest engine in this tournament.

Next was the game between Pawny 0.3.1 and Rhetoric 1.4.1 nothing to exciting this game. Rhetoric resigned on move 44.

This game was between Roce 0.0390 and Rocinante 2.0 nothing to much out of the ordinary.

This next game I was looking forward too because it was 
Rodent 1.6 vs Rybka 2.3.2a. I was excited for it because on it said that Rybka was one of the world's strongest chess engines. But I imgine that all of the other engines in this tournament could be classified like that too. Rodent tied with Rybka.
Now for a game that was destined from the start. Simplex 0.9.8 vs Stockfish 6. I say it was destined because Stock fish 6 is currently the 2nd strongest chess engine in the world, and by the end of this game Simplex's position is hopeless.

Now for the second to last game, the Tarrasch Toy Engine Beta V0.905 vs Texel 1.05. And for this game the toy engine did play like a toy and had to resign on the 29th move.
The Final game for round one of this tournament is Toga deepTogaNPS 1.9.6 vs Ufim 8.02. I was really worried for this final game because everything had been running so smothly, and then Toga began thinking, and it thought for about an hour and a half before moving. I didn't quit because my computer said that Toga was running properly, and sure enough Toga eventually moved. And put up a good effort but eventually had to resign to Ufim.
Now the first round of the "Tournament of the Engines" is now over and any engine who got .5 points will continue. Here are the standings.
Alaric .5
Amyan .5


Chispa .5 
Cinnamon .5 
Cyrano .5 
Daydreamer .5 
Discocheck .5 
Fruit .5 


Greko .5 
Hamsters  .5 


Rodent  .5 
Rybka  .5 
Stockfish   1
Umko 1*
*Umko got a free point in this round because of the number of working engines.
As you noticed I just started calling them by their names because we don't really need to know what version they are from now on. For round two go to this link.