Tournament of the Engines (Round 2)

Jul 8, 2015, 8:37 PM |

Welcome to round two of the Tournament of the Engines. For this round each engine will need at least 1.5 points to continue on to the next round, the remaining engines are; Alaric 707, Amyan 1.62, Cheng 4, Chispa 4, Cinnamon 1.2b, Critter 1.6a, Cyrano 06B17, Daydreamer 1.75, Discocheck 5.2, Fruit 2.3.1, Gaia 3.5, Glaurung 2.2, Greko 12, Hamsters 0.5, Komodo 5.1r2, Pawny 0.3.1, Roce 0.0390, Rodent 1.6, Rybka 2.3.2a, Stockfish 6, Texel 1.05, Ufim 8.02, and Umko 0.7. I will pair up engines of similar strengths according to the previous round at

The first game of round two was between Alaric and Chispa, an interesting game that went all the way down to the last piece.

Next up was Amyan vs Cinnamon, this was rather quick game that ended with Cinnamon resigning on the 21st move.

This next game was between Cheng and Critter and in the end Cheng resigned to Blacks excellently placed queen.

Next game was Cyrano vs Discocheck, this has been the second longest game so far with Discocheck eventually pulling out a win.

The next game was between Daydreamer and Fruit with Daydreamer resigning after entering a hopeless endgame.
This next game ended with gaia resigning to glaurung simple because black had more material that was over all placed better.
Greko vs Rodent, Greko won.
Frankly, now this is just starting to get boring. Hamsters vs Rybka, ended in a draw. Although I think White should have won.
Next was Komodo vs Pawny, and just as expected Komodo caused Pawny to resign early in the game.
Next was Roce and Stockfish, and once again, just as expected Stockfish forced Roce to resign early in the game.
The final game for round 2 was Texel vs Umko, and for this game Texel won with Umko's bishop badly placed.
With the end of round 2 any engine who wanted to continue must have at least 1.5 points. Here is what the points looked like at the end of round 2.
Alaric  1
Amyan 1.5 
Cheng   1
Cinnamon  .5 


Discocheck  1.5 
Fruit  1.5 
Greko  1.5 
Rodent  .5 
Cyrano  .5 
That means that these ten engines are continuing to round 3; Amyan, Critter, Discocheck, Fruit, Glaurung, Greko, Komodo, Stockfish, Texel, and Ufim. I will put the link in this blog when the first few games are done.