Tournament of the Engines (Round 3)

Jul 16, 2015, 12:57 PM |

Now we are in round 3 of the Tournament of the engines. We are finally coming down to the best engines. In order for an engine to qualify for the next round they must have at least 2.5 points. If you would like to see the second round click here, if you want to start with the first round click here. The first game to start of this round was amyan vs discocheck, ending after 133 moves in king vs king and bishop.

Next in this round was Critter vs Glaurung, a quick game with black resigning after seeing the impending checkmate or large loss of material.

Fruit vs Greko, a perfectly normal game that ends right after black realizes that it has the worse position.

Now this is the game that I have been looking most forward too so far, it is Komodo vs Stockfish. And for this epic game I was somewhat let down. Komodo resigned after only 30 moves. But maybe part of its brilliance is knowing when to resign. It should also be said that this is not the most current version of Komodo, the most current is actually slightly better than stockfish.
Now it is time for the last game of round 3 Texel vs Ufim. Which ended with Ufim resigning at move 32.
There are four engines that will be continuing to round 4, and they are; Critter, Fruit, Stockfish and Texel. I will put a link here once the first game between Critter and Fruit is finished.