Chess Addiction ?

Aug 29, 2008, 10:48 AM |

Is chess addictive ? It is for me. I love playing, winning is nice but playing is the thing. ( A very British attitude Wink.) I'm hooked on Tournaments, I luv em. You meet lots of new people see different approaches to your same old opening, and learn something new. To be honest I keep to my circle of comfort, 1150 to 1500, been clobbered to many times by the clever ones, but had good games with them, I think many of my moves amazed them on many occasions. Smile

Getting back to addiction, do you keep checking to see if its your move, become rattyif you have to wait to long to play, keep seeking new games, hone your skill on chess mentor, then you r addicted, welcome to the club, keep playing we're bound to improve and move up the ratings level, but who cares, the games the thing, sorry have to go its my move, hurrah.Cool