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May 23, 2008, 4:16 AM 3

Well, take a look at my statistics, losses mounting up, and this after all my training, well as I said before, "pride comes before a fall". So whats the problem, as one opponent said he couldn't believe that I missed 3 chances to get him checkmate. It appears that I cant see the obvious Or I think my opponents are cleverer than they really are !!

However my games are lasting longer, I'm getting to end games more often and its harder to trap me, so maybe I will start to win again. Wink someday.

One thing I've noticed Knights play an increasing part in modern play, the old argument ,Knights or Bishops seems to have gone the Knights way, so I'm keener to keep my knights these days, what do u think? Although I still like a Queen/ bishop diagonal for playing havoc with my rivals pawn defence, again any comments.

I think my biggest fault is rushing my moves, come on I've got 3 days to make a move or even longer so why rush? Just keen to play? slow down Trev, what do u think?

Well waiting to start The really Stupid Tournament, I'll keep u posted. OK C U bye 4 now.

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