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respect is earned

respect is earned

Feb 1, 2008, 6:19 AM 3

There  has been a lot of chatter lately about some players being disrespectful to their opponent by not reconizing their genius within a couple of moves, they have shown this by not resigning. Excuse me but I thought the object of the game of chess was to checkmate your opponent or agree a draw with them. After all if you are that good, checkmate should be easy, and respect will be truely earned.( I know Tournaments are different , what with the point system and all.)

Respect for me is a two-way street and respect for players with lower ratings is essential, Having been well and truely beaten by low ranking players has indeed been a humbling experience, but also a great lesson in alternative play not covered by books.

So come on, lets stop being precious and anal about our chess its a great game and no two games are ever the same, so lets enjoy the game for the games sake. Wink


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