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Strange Brew

Strange Brew

Dec 31, 2007, 1:19 AM 1

Been a strange few weeks.

Firstly joined a group, " Circle of Trust" a group of players who promise to play by memory and not use any aids when playing each other in Tournaments and Contests. Of course private study is ok before games.

Then I get a Kidney Infection, and play like a prat, great temptation to cheat and use memory aids, but I didn't, and had to abandon most games, hence my stats. don't look so good. This has meant that players outside the group think I'm a soft touch for an easy win, time will tell Cool, as the anti biotics have worked ok.

So into 2008, Like the chess mentor and will have a months teach in, so watch out I'm on my way back up.

Happy New Year everybody, but remember 2008 is going to be my year. Wink

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