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This & That

Apr 6, 2009, 3:25 AM 2

well at long last have broken through the 1400 rating ceiling. A small achievement in the grand scheme of things, but a satisfying feeling for all of that.

Its been hard work, was getting clobbered on my more conventional openings so have been studying and applying the Nimzowitsch opening which at my level is very workable. Also have cut back on the number of games I play at one time, and take the time to analyse each move and possible counter-moves.

Its taken time to get into correspondence chess mode because for years I played across the board with limited time for each move so to have 3days+ per move is a luxury that has taken time to adjust too. I know there are many players who feel we should not have outside help when playing, but using the facilities on chess.com gives a better game and is within the spirit of correspondence chess I now believe, Whats your opinion on this?

Somerset Group

Have joined this new group, I like the idea of county, regional and country groups, its good to meet online other people who live locally and maybe there will be an opportunity to meet in person at a suitable venue ( pub, I hope)

One of the joys of chess.com is the people you meet on line, cyber friends are good mates too and its interesting chatting about this and that, we older ones talk, weather, family and gardening, whats your topics?

Well enjoy your chess, natter again soon. regards Hamish

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