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Tournaments. (2)

Tournaments. (2)

Mar 24, 2008, 3:48 AM 2

Have really enjoyed the chess.com Tournament 1001-1400, and have played better than I thought I would, just hope I get to the next round.I like to chat when I play but its obvious that many don't.Maybe its because they don't speak english and maybe they are young and don't want to talk to an old duffer, (particually if he is winning)Smile Anyway I make no apologies for being a chatterbox, I have old school reports that tell me off for that, so I suppose its in my genes, (I cant help it)

Feeling confident I have entered the Circle of Trust's Tourney, which I believe is going to played in real time, Please be gentle, its my first time!! also this will mean playing members with higher ratings than mine, ( I must be mad) so will I upset the apple cart or sink without trace, watch this blog for an exciting update in the near future.

I'm in strict training, taking advantage of the Tactics Training and Chess Mentoring on site.

If I could only remember it all , I'd soon be a Grandmaster, well Hope I get to play you at some time, must dash, in the zone for more training, cu 

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