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Feb 15, 2008, 7:14 AM 2

Although playing chess for many years, I have never had proper coaching or training. I did my best my reading books but could never remember the names of most of the openings or gambits, as a new friend says after 3-4 moves its a blank sheet and we " fly by the seat of our pants".

With this is mind I took out a months subscription to the Chess Mentor facility, I've been really pleased with this, interactive training and help really works, and wonder of wonders some of the names are beginning to stick and best of all, I can remember them and actually use them.

I've recently joined a new group called "Geezerettes and Geezers" G & G, its provides a comfort zone for old codgers like me and a chance to chat over the old times. Having said that I enjoy playing any age group, and the younger players show new moves and tactics, ( if only I could remember them) but its nice to have a haven where we can rest and lick our wounds after a savage mauling by some young pup. Smile So beware, rested and trained I feel ready for the fray,so " once more into the breach".

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