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Jul 19, 2008, 1:26 AM 2

Well, been an interesting time since my last blog, my ratings have risen even got above 1300 for a time, still making silly  mistakes but enjoying my chess except for those who forever go on vacation when  you make a good move. I actually resigned from 2 games because of these tactics in a Tourny, ( I know about cutting your nose off to spite your face). Certain names have been written in the Book of Grudges !!.

Knights or Bishops, although the Queen/Bishop diagonal is a favourite ploy of mine I really feel that Knights have the edge in the modern game, a chess friend said Bishops for closed games, Knights for an open game, I think thats what he said, anyway good advice, seems to work for me.  Smile

I'm wondering if I have latent homophobic tendencys, because I'm always giving the Queen a hard time, Queens that sit quietly on the back row are no problem, but when they move, flouncing about, bullying smaller pieces, I get annoyed and go after them, giving them a hard time if I can and chasing them off the board. whats your opinion?  Wink


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