1.e4 vs Minor Defences by Parimarjan Negi

1.e4 vs Minor Defences by Parimarjan Negi

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Yesterday ForwardChess released Parimarjan Negi's latest book in the Grandmaster Repertoire series: 1.e4 vs Minor Defences for their chess e-reader. It offers a world-class repertoire against the Alekhine, Scandinavian, Pirc, and Modern Defence. This is Negi's fifth book in the Grandmaster Repertoire series. His previous books are:

1.e4 vs The French, Caro-Kann, and Philidor - Published 6 August 2014

1.e4 vs The Sicilian I (Najdorf Bg5 variation) - Published 4 February 2015

1.e4 vs The Sicilian II (Dragon, Rauzer, Sveshnikov, and Kalashnikov) - Published 18 November 2015

1.e4 vs The Sicilian III (Taimanov, Kan and Scheveningen Sicilians) - Published 31 August 2016

So after more than 4 years Negi is back with this new 432 page volume!.

I own all his five books because of the quality of the analysis and recommendations. All his books include a lot of original analysis and as a result many theoretical novelties. Giri commented that he won a game against the French by just following Negi's recommendations!

Parimarjan Negi is currently a Stanford student and not very active as a player anymore. He was the second-youngest player of all time to obtain the Grandmaster title and was Asian Champion in 2012, He played on Board 1 for the Indian team which won bronze at the Tromsø 2014 Olympiad. He is also a former student of Vladimir Chuchelov and that is where he developed his analysis skills. Vladimir Chuchelov has been (or is) the trainer and coach of Caruana, Giri, Radjabov, and Hou Yifan. 

His key repertoire choices are:




This opening book is a repertoire book. It gives you one (and sometimes 2) recommendations for White. It is a book full of world-class variations. The publisher recommends the book for Advanced players who do not need elaborate support to find their way in an opening. As stated before, I love the series and at the current sale price at ForwardChess you can not go wrong.

The book is available now and on sale for $16.99 at ForwardChess. The paperback version will be released next week (25 euro on Quality Chess and advertised for $30 at Amazon USA). You can download a free sample at the ForwardChess or Quality Chess websites.