Chess is everything: art, science and sport

Chess is everything: art, science and sport

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Hello Everyone! 

I'm sure that all of you have heard the famous and inspiring quote of Anatoly Karpov- Chess is everything: Art, Science and Sport. 

We mainly categorize activities into three main categories: Art, Science and Sport. Which category does chess you under? Chess can be striking, systematic and strategic. Chess is artistic. Chess is scientific and chess is a sport. 


Chess has got its own style, beautiful moves, and combinations. As the art of beautiful poetry creates magic all around, a Chess player  also possesses the equal creativity. The way the chess masters moves his chess pieces and turns the game in his favor is absolutely artistic. Best chess games are not only limited to the stage, where it is performed but it is saved as lifetime memory in the minds of the player as well as the audience. 


About half of the greatest chess players in the world had mathematical or scientific backgrounds. Some people assert that there is always the best chess move in every position. Finding that perfect move involves a powerful logic behind it and that shows about its scientific approach. In the chess world, as in science, knowledge is acquired socially. As games are won and lost, newly “correct” and “objective” approaches to the game are discovered just like in science. 


Chess can also be known as sport. In it, the weight of victory and defeat lies on the shoulders of one man.

Thanks for reading everyone. Hope you enjoyed and learned something out of it. I will create more posts on puzzles and inspiring quotes soon. Follow me and never miss a single post.