Ending #11: An Rook vs Bishop and 2 pawns ending with a exercise.

Ending #11: An Rook vs Bishop and 2 pawns ending with a exercise.

Jan 16, 2016, 12:05 AM |

Hello everyone! This is the blog of my first endgame Saturdays! In this blog I will show a Rook vs Bishop and 2 Pawns ending (as mentioned in the title)

Against Bishop and two Pawns the Rook generally draws, his King being in front of the Pawns; unless they are united and have reached the 6th rank, as for instance in the position here below: 

But thus far advanced, united, and supported, the Pawns, with the Bishop, win Black playing first.

And White must win by advancing Pawns.
White cannot be prevented from taking up this position- King at f6 and Bishop at f5 and when he attains it, Black is helpless.

What if 1.Kf8?

White wins:-

Thus he wins by promoting the Pawns.
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By the way did you read the title? It is mentioned a exercise to be given so, here they are!

This position below differs from both the positions in that the White King has less room for action; as has also the Bishop with respect to the opposing King:-

I'll post the answer on next Saturday.
Thanks for reading!