My Games #1: Sharing games for the first time.

My Games #1: Sharing games for the first time.

Jan 14, 2016, 3:35 AM |

Hello my friends. As I said I will post my games on Thursdays, I am sharing my games for the first time on

Analyze them and enjoy! 

So, here's Game 1:-

He was not quite 'familier' with the openings. He missed some good moves in the game. But anyways,

Game 2:-

He blundered a piece so he resigned. I was very happy because I won against a player high rated then me.

Game 3:-


I enjoyed this game a lot. He played very well, fought until the end. 

I know I made many mistakes maybe blunders in my games. But I will be improving my games and become a Grandmaster.

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Thanks for reading!