Opening #1: Ruy Lopez;Berlin Defense.

Opening #1: Ruy Lopez;Berlin Defense.

Nov 28, 2015, 2:06 AM |

Today I am going to post my first opening blog "The Ruy Lopez". I was recently working on favorite openings. If you want me to post your openings click here to view the blog, to view forum click here.

I am today posting the favorite opening of my friend "TheBlunderFulPLayer"

Ruy Lopez is also known as "Spanish opening". It has too many variations as I can't post them in one blog, I will post Berlin defense today, the other variations in my future blogs.

The Ruy Lopez is more popular than any other King Pawn opening-rightly so, as it is very difficult for Black to avoid being permanently cramped. Named for a Spanish prelate, the Ruy Lopez is astonishingly complicated, embodying as it does a perpetual interwining of grandiose strategical planning with an alarming maze of difficult tactical finesses and combinative motifs. It is no exaggeration to affirm that mastery of Lopez is a requistie for anyone aspiring to become a strong chess player. 

So lets start!

White brings indirect pressure against the enemy King Pawn by menacing its defender; the text also pressages an annoying pin of Black's Knight in any variation in which his Queen Pawn advances. The motif is often encountered in the Lopez. We shall discuss about one of the variations, Berlin defense.


Conclusion: The position is in White's favour: his pieces can develop normally, he has possession of the D file, and can launch a dangerous assault on the King side by Nd4, f4 etc. Black's Knight and light Bishop are badly tied up, and his awkward doubled Pawn will be handicap if when the endgame is reached.

 Thanks for reading! I will be also be posting your favorite openings if you tell me..