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Opening #2: Max Lange Attack

Opening #2: Max Lange Attack

Dec 2, 2015, 3:15 AM 5

In my last opening blog, I showed you Ruy lopez, Berlin Defense. But today I am going to show you the favorite opening of my friend Shivank2005.

This extremely complex offshoot of the Giuoco Piano is named for a famous analyst. The play is extraodinary difficult-so much so, that up to now the theorists have been unable to reach a desicion regarding the validity of Black's defense. Certain it is that in over-the-board encounters, Black has more often than not found himself unequal to the task of maintaining a level game.

So let's start!

This thrust constitutes the Max Lange Attack. White's plan is to delay his opponent's development by giving up a Pawn and breaking through in the center if possible. Black has plenty of chances to go wrong, since he can capture the enemy Pawn in three different ways.

Conclusion: A position that has proved well-high impossible of evalution. White can obtain a power passed Pawn by Nxc5 followed by fxg7. Also, he may be able to profit by the insecure position of the Black Queen. Black enjoys great preponderance on the Queen-side and in the d file; he cannot be prevented from playing d3, after which the opening the diagonal a2-g8 and the threat of Ne4 will prove the, most annoying for white.

Thanks for reading! 

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