Opening #4: Danish Gambit; Double Sacrifice Variation.

Opening #4: Danish Gambit; Double Sacrifice Variation.

Jan 18, 2016, 5:24 AM |

On this opening's Monday let's go through one of the most popular Gambits, Danish Gambit. This is favorite opening of svk75.

This Debut, one deemed among the most formidable weapons at White's disposal, is now virtually obsolete among masters. The reason is not, as some suppose, a deficiency in attacking prowess among modern masters; the answer lies in the remarkable advances that have been achieved in the art of defensive play. Mieses, Janowski, Spielmann scored some dazzling triumphs with Danish. Subsequently, a thorough study of this opening unearthed resources for Black (notably the Schlechter Variation) which proved so powerful that the dashing Danish is now but a pleasant memory!  

Let's start!


This characteristic move of the Danish: White plays for speedy development.

A Pawn or two matters little-White is out to open lines for his pieces and deploy them rapidly for the attack.

There are several variations of Danish Gambit but for today I will show you Double Sacrifice Variaton.

Conclusion: Black has reached an endgame which is clearly advantageous for him because of his powerful majority of Pawns on the Queenside and weakness of White's a-Pawn. Remember there are other variations of Danish Gambit so, this variation maybe better for BlackTongue Out.

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