Opening Principles.

Opening Principles.

Dec 24, 2015, 1:38 AM |

Probably, we may say, the Opening (meaning development) consists of all that part of the game which the forces are being first disposed for action, offensive or defensive; in which the Knights and Bishops take the field, the Rooks are conjoined, and some general plan of operations is proposed, with a view to coming battle.

Today I'll show you Opening Princeples that you should follow in the opening.

#1 - Develop pieces towards the centre, to safe and useful squares.

#2 - Control the centre by occupying it with pawns and attacking it with pieces.

#3 - Protect the king by castling early, usually on the kingside.

#4 - Develop pieces with a threat, or in defense of a threat.

#5 - Make as few pawn moves as possible, and make pawn moves that further the development of pieces.

#6 - Move each piece only once, unless you must do otherwise.

#7 - Don't bring the Queen out early.

#8 - Develop minor pieces first - usually knights before bishops.

#9 - Connect the rooks and bring them to open files.

#10 - The best first move is a centre pawn move.


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