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Quiet but..DEADLY.

Quiet but..DEADLY.

May 25, 2016, 2:08 AM 20

We arrive in the middle of a full scale brawl. Neither King is safe, as even the strong White position is vulnerable on the back rank and at g2. Most players would be content to grab the Pawn at h7 with check and then move the Queen to safety, but note that White is already down a piece and even winning the exchange at e4 won't be sufficient compensation!

Now Geller played an incredibly quiet move. Try to find it yourself. I bet that this will take atleast 30 minutes..

An incredibly quiet move in such a turbulent position! Amazingly, there is NOTHING Black can do to save himself!. It would be nice if White could just capture the Pawn at f6 and work on mate at f8, but it falls short after a long variation.
Let's go back to the actual game. Please read the whole game with annonations.

Brilliantly played by Geller. 
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