Sicilian Sundays: Scheveingen Variation

Sicilian Sundays: Scheveingen Variation

Jan 17, 2016, 6:41 AM |

In this Sicilian Sunday, I am going to show you one of the most popular variations of the Sicilian Defense-Scheveingen Variation.

So, let's start!


In this, the Scheveingen line, Black is content to set op an apparently passive formation in the center. Actually, however his undeniably cramped position is free from weaknesses and possesses surprising potential power.

Note that Black's last move will make it possible for him to station his Queen in the ideal offensive-defensive square-c7(after the precautionary move ...a6) without any danger of subsequent attack upon her Majesty by Nd5.


7.Nxc6 is a poor alternative. Black can then utilize the B-file instead of c-file, and boasts a strong reinforced center.


White's position looks very impressive, since he seems to command most of the board. Still, if black can manage to 'plant' a Knight at c4, the simultaneous attack on White's B and C Pawn will be most annoying. Therefore, a good alternative for White is 8.Kh1 followed by 9.f4. A Black Knight arriving at c4 would then fing no immediate target.


Making preparations for the thrust ...b5. Such an advance, if permitted, would be most advantageous: the g-Pawn would be in position to support a possible occupation of c4, as well as to dislocate White's c3-Knight by a furthur advance.


Permanently preventing ...b5. On the other hand, Black now has permanent access to b4


Beginning the operations on the c-file, and at the same time guarding against a possible e5.

Stopping ...d5 by bringing an additional piece(the Queen) to bear upon d5. And also strongly threatening 11.h5

White will now try to attack on the Kingside. Black has three sources of counterplay: c-file, the properly prepared advance of his d-Pawn and the possibility of bringing a Knight to c4-square.  

That's all for today!

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