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The hardest puzzle ever seen?!

The hardest puzzle ever seen?!

Apr 2, 2016, 9:05 AM 45

Chess players like to solve many chess puzzles. They try to solve puzzles of any difficulty. I too like to solve many puzzles of chess. So my coach gives me many puzzles to solve. 

I posted some puzzles earlier in my blog. But this one is the HARDEST puzzle I've ever seen. These are the ones I posted earlier:

If you solve this you are a Genius.

Move of imagination.

So did you solve them? They were VERY hard to solve right? So now I shall talk about the puzzle which is WAY TOO HARD THEN THE PUZZLES ABOVE.

I don't post the answer today Tongue Out. I'll post it 2 days later. If you solve this you have a MASTERMIND!. Please don't use any engine to solve this. If you solve this I'll post a forum for you.
This is the hardest puzzle I've ever seen. What about you? 

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