What is Opening, Middle Game and End Game?

What is Opening, Middle Game and End Game?

Mar 31, 2016, 12:17 AM |

Today in this blog I'll tell you some simple answers/definitions for the following questions:

What is the opening? 

The opening, as the term implies, is the beginning stage of the game. It is here that some Pawns are moved out tp make may for the deployment of the pieces; several pieces are brought out (developed) for attacking and defensive purposes; usually castling takes place during this phase. The opening takes roughly ten or twelve moves on each side. Then the players are ready to come to grips with each other. Of course, if one of them blunders, badly, decisive action may result right in the opening. 

What is the Middle Game?

The middle game is that part of the game which begins after the opening. There is no clear-out dividing line between the two phases. But the middle game is the most complicated part of a game of a chess-the part in which the large-scale fighting takes place. The whole board may be the scene of the struggle, with every piece taking part, and with several local battles going on simultaneously. It is the stage of planning and execution, of attack and defense, of strategy and tactics, of slow maneuvering and rapid action.

What is the endgame?

This is the final stage of the game, usually greatly simplified. By the time the endgame is reached, most of the pieces-and almost always the Queens-have been removed by capture.
Despite the comparatively slight amount of material left on the board, there is room for a great deal of subtle maneuvering and incisive finesses that make all the difference between victory and defeat.