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Jul 26, 2015, 6:22 AM 1

I solved chess, I think.

It was a long November month and the rain was pouring down out of the window. The dark and dreary ambiance was overshadowed, hoewever, by my fervor and determination to solve the final problem in my childhood game. I was getting closer and closer; I could detect in myself some hidden formula, a dactyl that would complete the dance, so to speak. But then, in the corner of my bedroom, I heard a voice call out:

"Leon, don't you see? It's impossible to solve something! Why don't you desist from your endeavors and maybe have a nice warm cup of tea?"

There she was, my sister! And looking as draconian as ever, ready, it seems, to chastise me if I tooked one step further.

But I wasn't deterred; I kept up at it. What does she know? I told myself over and over, like a ritual. But no matter what I could not find the solution. Then, deep in thought, I was startled by the cry again, this time louder:

"Leon, I asked you to stop, but you didn't listen, you stubborn oxen! So now I absolutely forbid you to continue!"

"You comedian!" I retorted. "What gives you a damn right to keep control over me?" But yet I found myself unable to continue, just as my sister wished. Stupefied, I started wandering around the bedroom like a madman. "Damn what has gotten into me," I thought to myself, but yet I kept walking back and forth, back and forth. It was almost funny - I knew full well what I was doing, yet I couldn't stop. 


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