How to face up the King Indian Derense (KID) not complete

Sep 3, 2012, 3:20 PM |

Hi again the todays topic is based in one particular game who will analyze the opening, his ideas and mistakes that everyone chessplayer can realyze of this variation of King Indian Defense, the moves who are usually and corectly played are g4,h4,0-0-0 Nh3,a4,h5 and Kb1 to white side and b5,Nbd7,a6,Ne8,Qa5,Rb8Rd8 and maybe Bd7 to black side, all in his moment and going trough one specific plan, whitout weakining ourself and taking advantage of the oponent mistakes.

Let´s go to the variation when the knight stay in the f6 square and develope his bishop to d7 pointing to b5 and letting squareless to the knight in b8 and making progress in the queenside flank,whene the king is castle.